Land Clearing – What You Should Know

Whether you’re making way for a new building, a sizeable garden or just want your yard free of debris, then land clearing is what you’ll need to look into to make it happen. This process involves moving trees, rocks, bushes and any other natural obstructions that may exist on a given stretch of land. While some of this can be done on your own, much of it will require the use of specialized tools, along with the know-how of experienced professionals. However, even with the right help there are a few things you should know before getting started with a project of this type, such as:

The Types

Land clearing projects come in different forms, all depending on your needs as a homeowner. First, there’s a farmland or pasture-like clearing, in which all debris is removed, regardless of its type. Then, there’s selective clearing, which involves clearing underbrush and other potentially hazardous debris, while leaving rocks or established trees standing. Typically this is done to reduce the risk of wildfire spreading during the dry seasons. These can all be accomplished in a number of ways, including the controlled burn method, the pushover method and simple tree cutting and grinding.

The Cost

Because it depends entirely on what you need done, predicting the price of a land clearing isn’t always simple. However, when you work with professionals, they’ll usually offer you an up-front estimate after listening to your needs, so you’ll never wind up over your head. This also depends on the type of land you’re clearing out. While heavily forested areas might cost as much as $6,000, more sparse ones could be priced at no more than $200 per acre. However, keep in mind that you’ll also need a permit for the work in question, and they often cost upward of $200.

Becoming familiar with this information and reaching out to professionals can help you make your land clearing experience smoother, easier and more predictable. All in all, the process can take quite a while, but the results are always worth it.