Roles That Excavators Play in Construction

Excavator construction is a part of building anything. Excavators are not just useful for clearing ground and digging. They have many other uses.  It is important to understand what roles excavators can play when considering any construction project.

They Can Dig

This may seem obvious, but excavators clear land, remove debris, and dig into the ground for underground structures and foundations. 

They Can Demolish

One use that people do not often think of is demolition. The very same equipment that dug out a foundation can destroy a building or home in a matter of hours, depending on the size.

They Can Transfer Large Materials and Equipment

Most excavation construction equipment can also pick up large things. They transfer large debris from the ground into a disposal truck. They can lift equipment and materials onto multiple floors. They also are great at unloading and loading materials that need to be moved.

They Can Tunnel

Although uncommon, excavators can also build tunnels for underground passages between buildings or sites. This is particularly useful if the construction site has multiple buildings that need to be accessible without being seen. 

They Can Grade

One of the more interesting uses for an excavator in construction is for landscape grading. Landscape grading is reforming the ground to accommodate buildings and other structures.

They Come With Attachments

Many professional excavation companies have all the attachments they need to help out in various construction projects. A few of these attachments are:

  • Combination cutters are useful for cutting metal, crushing concrete, and reducing various buildings to much smaller pieces
  • Grinders which can grind just about anything from stumps to metal
  • Extensions that make their reach both up and down much longer
  • Augers that drill holes in things
  • Breakers which essentially are giant jackhammers and are useful in demolition
  • Clamps for holding, picking up and moving materials

Excavation construction companies are extremely useful to have around on any construction site. They are versatile and can do many jobs faster than traditional construction companies.