Top Reasons Why You Will Always See Excavators in Construction

There are a few staples in construction. One of these staples is excavation equipment. There are a few very important reasons for this.

They Are Versatile

Not only do they excavate they also are great for many other things. They can:

  • Clear land
  • Demolish buildings
  • Help with cleanup
  • Move equipment and materials

They do a lot more depending on the different attachments a company has. These attachments include:

  • Trenching
  • Clamps
  • Saws
  • Drills
  • Augers

Each attachment makes the excavator more versatile. This means that an excavation company can act in many different capacities. They can simply switch attachments to do what is needed. They use clamps and saws to break concrete and use drills and rock hammers to break big pieces into small ones. There are even attachments to cut steel.

They Can Be Useful in a Variety of Spaces

Although bigger excavators are usually used in commercial or highrise construction, there are small ones that fit into very tight spaces. Due to the body size of excavation equipment, they can easily fit into spaces that other pieces of equipment can not.

They Are Portable

The small body size makes them extremely portable. They are extremely easy to load and unload, although it is not recommended that you drive them on roadways. You can use them on one job and then load them into a trailer and switch sites.

Most Construction Companies Work With Excavation Companies

The majority of construction companies have at least some heavy equipment. Most of these companies are experienced and reliable. For the harder, more difficult jobs, even construction companies call in an excavation team to help out.

Excavation equipment will always have a place on construction sites. They do so much with one or two machines that it is hard to imagine not seeing them on every construction and demolition site. They have an important place in the construction industry, from moving materials to digging foundations.