Understanding the Role Excavation Companies Can Play in Construction

Excavation construction is an important part of any land clearing or building project. There are many factors to consider when choosing to excavate before you begin the construction of your building. Ultimately, the excavation company should be aware of several areas to fulfill their role in your project.

They Know State and Local Laws 

One of the responsibilities of an excavation company is to know the laws. Without knowing the laws, you cannot just come in with a bulldozer and clear away forest, swamp, or topsoil. Some places are very strict about excavation and will fine, penalize, or halt your project if you are not obeying the letter of the law.

They Can Get the Proper Permits

When you choose an excavation construction company, consider choosing a local company that is familiar with the permit requirements for your project. Your excavator should know about any permitting requirements and obtain the permits for you.  A good company will know about any trees, soil, and plants that require special permits.

They Know About Displaced Wildlife

Make sure you are not displacing any endangered or protected wildlife. Many areas have rules about which animal dens or nests you can disturb and which you cannot. Any good excavation company will know the area and understand the protected animals that can be relocated or those that need to be left alone.

They Know How and Where to Sell the Excess

If you are cutting down trees, remember certain types of pine and hardwoods might not be a total loss. Speak with your excavator about the best ways to handle recycling, planking, or selling the lumber from the trees that are cut down. Some lumber companies will pay top dollar for various types of wood.

Excavation construction is a lot more difficult than it seems. Always research your contractor and excavator to make sure they understand the needs of your particular area and project.